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The new-generation gear units, assure better strength and reliability, thanks to the steel body.

Features std Auger Drive Units

  • The Gear Unit is completely built of steel both internally and externally for a better resistance to possible accidental hits.

  • Without drain. The motor works only with the in and out oil pipes. There is no need to modify the excavator PTO.

  • Double effect. The auger bit turns both clockwise and counterclockwise.

  • Dual Articulation: possibility to swing back and front, left and right.

  • Wedge splitter: used to split wood logs.

  • Arm connection possibility both of a direct connection and a quick hitch.

  • Auger bit with Pengo: auger bit for mixed soils, of different lengths and diameters.

  • Auger bit with knives: auger bit for soft soils.

  • Auger bit with Widia Teeth: auger for rocky soils.

  • Possibility of extension with or without flight.

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